Answered By: Kellie Sparks
Last Updated: Mar 02, 2023     Views: 812

After looking up a book in the catalog, write down the Call Number, like PS2638 .P44 1998, for example, and click on the “Floor Map” button to see which floor it is on. The attached links will provide detailed instructions and videos.


  • Call numbers are unique identifiers. Only the book above has that call number. It's an old-fashioned URL.
  • The year-looking number is, actually the year. Why? That's the edition of that book, so check the call number to make sure you have the right edition!
  • When you get to the bottom of a shelf and you haven't reached your call number, remember to look at the top of the next shelf.
  • The letters are the basic classification of print books. P is for literature and, as you read to the right, it gets more specific until you get that one book.
  • The call number above is for Edgar Allen Poe Revisited. Logically, PS2638 would consist of other Edgar Allen Poe books, right?