Answered By: Britt McGowan
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The library offers several ways to begin your research under the Tutorial section, "Getting Started". 

The Assignment Calculator will allow you to help you plan and manage your time as you work through the usual steps to complete your assignment.

The Choosing a Topic tutorial will allow students to 

  • Identify the audience and assignment requirements in order to choose an appropriate topic
  • Brainstorm or use personal experiences to find topics
  • Refer to course materials or reference books to learn more about a topic
  • Broaden a topic that is too specific
  • Narrow a topic that is too general

Concept Maps are a way to graphically represent ideas and how they relate to each other.

Concept maps may be simple designs illustrating a central theme and a few associated topics or complex structures that delineate hierarchical or multiple relationships.

J.D. Novak developed concept maps in the 1970's to help facilitate the research process for his students. Novak found that visually representing thoughts helped students freely associate ideas without being blocked or intimidated by recording them in a traditional written format.

Concept mapping involves defining a topic; adding related topics; and linking related ideas.