Answered By: Hillary Fox
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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism, one form of academic misconduct, is defined in the 'Code of Student Conduct' within the UWF Student Handbook as:

 "the act of representing the ideas, words, creations or work of another as one's own." The document further explains that "plagiarism combines theft with fraud." 

Simply stated, plagiarism is stealing another person's intellectual property or using someone else's work without giving him or her appropriate credit.

What are the penalties for plagiarism?

Like most universities, UWF's penalties for plagiarism are severe.

Punishments can range from failure of the assignment or of the entire course. The instructor may also refer a charge of cheating or plagiarism to the Dean for investigation by the Academic Standards Committee and the Student Conduct System and even recommend suspension from the university.

Where can one find the UWF Plagiarism Policy?

The complete text of the UWF Plagiarism Policy can be found in the "Academic Misconduct" section of  The UWF Student Handbook.

The library offers a tutorial for understanding and learning how to avoid plagiarism.